Step Up

Step up. They say. It is a democratic world! Make your voice heard! Fight for your rights!

And I believed in that. I believed that it would make a difference, and everyone would not be afraid to speak, nor will they be shamed or threatened or hurt by their opinions. Wrong.

Only when you are on the other side will you realise how hard it is to voice some idea that is core to you, but controversial enough that it will destroy most friendships, have you shamed by the public and family, make you target for all sorts of physical and mental attacks, and land you in jail.

Being the coward is justified. After all I ran away from myself a long time ago.

You could say I was fortunate to realise and give up in my early stage of life, so it did not impact me as much. Or you also could say that it is a wasted chance since I was aware of it in such young age, I could have taken the plunge, ignoring the broken laws and sad family members.

I still live. With some triggers here and there, I am doing fine. And I am grateful.

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