Relatively Viewed

I have been under the influence of a mental fatigue for some time. I believe that I am solely at fault of this.

It is like self harm in a very mild way, or maybe close to a drug addiction (though I do not have any firsthand experience on this to confirm). I clearly know that I cannot be in this for any longer, that I am destroying myself. And I cannot pull myself out.

I ran across a view on transgender people a while ago, that they are not wrong, but those who propose that they live as they think they are (e.g. inventing lots of words for different gender tendencies), are guilty. They should be treated to return to normal life, not fighting against the society to accept them with their unsolved issues.

I do not agree with the viewpoint above, but this stroke a chord within me. What if I am actually having a complication that I cannot handle myself, but can be resolved in some way, even though it will drastically twist my world as I have perceived throughout my life?

Which pill should I take?