Good Life

I am living a very good life. There are things to worry, and chores to do, but I am feeling comfortable and calmed.

I once thought that I am an introvert, and thus my happiness comes from inside myself. It turns out that when there is emptiness in the heart, I can take in more of the world. I find sereneness around, and I absorb them into me, like floating on water, looking at the grey sky.

One day I will have to get out the calm waters and go back to life. But at this moment I feel content. In this empty and lonely town, I can walk under the overcast I love, with cold wind caressing. Or I can stay in my room, fill my cup with instant coffee and enjoy the heat.

I can stare at the same screen and explore the wired world, or I can comb my dolls' hair for the entire afternoon. I can ponder important things for hours, or take my time to cook food exclusively I like.

This may be the last part in my life which I can live this way. But if one day I am too busy to feel happiness, I want to remind the future me that I once found happiness in a simple lifestyle like this.