Making Friends Later

As I grew older I found it even harder to make new friends.

In my childhood, there is nothing holding me back from showing my real self, what I think and how I feel. I did many regretful things, but I also made friends that truly know me down to the heart.

I learned how to conceal myself and adhere to others' preferences, in my progression towards adult society. I no longer show my real interests or say what I really think, instead putting on a mask to fit expectations.

This has cost me a lot. I often find out really late that some acquaintances share a rare hobby with me, by then it is too late to make friends and enjoy time together. Plus, I now have a persona that I cannot take off, fearing that they won't recognize me anymore. It is all too late.

They say better late than never. But life is not at all forgiving. Once in a while there is a chance that I will meet someone, and that is it. Harder and harder can friends reunite and enjoy in activities together.